@kuketz Belichtungsmesser für analoge Fotografie.

"Get a hobby, build a drone", they said.. "It'll be fun".. 🔋 📉 💥

More cool stuff with the Stream Deck and Companion (and WLED). Love these free software projects!

Hyperdeck + Companion + Raspberry Pi + Stream Deck = Chef's Kiss!

@aaronpk Lawyer up and hit em hard. False DMCA claims are no Kavaliersdelikt (there‘s one for your German lessons).

ILI9341 TFT LCD: 15 €
Bosch BME680: 22 €
ESP32: 10 €
A few grams of PLA: 0,10 €
Having to worry about the climate inside your home in addition to the climate outside: priceless.

Gonna tell my kids that this was a Fidget Spinner.

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software you've purchased that auto-updates to a new version and makes you buy a new license is worse than software that is just a straight subscription model, just saying

For my clients and myself I've dealt with..

3 out of 3 Touchbar Macbooks with broken Keyboards,
1 out of 5 Macbook Air M1s that failed completely,
and now 2 out of 3 Touchbar Macbooks where the screen just randomly failed.

Then there were several occasions where components like ethernet, webcams, sound or random keys stopped working.

I loved having four Thunderbolt ports, but I've quickly stopped counting the broken dongles, docks and cables.

Bye, Don't let the door hit you.

The smell of electric burn in the morning.. 🥴⚡
There goes the DIY NAS..

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